My name is Melina Magriples and I am 22 years old. Everything that I see and feel serves as

inspiration for my art. Though I have experiment with many different mediums, I am most connected to

expression through painting, photography, and video. I am also very interested in interior and event design,

and how art can change the experience of the space that we occupy and the interactions that we have.

I am captivated by the concept of a moment and how to preserve that feeling through visual recreation.

Creativity is my passion, and I believe it has the ability to change everything.

Since graduating from The College of New Jersey in May 2018,

I have continued to pursue my desire to immerse my self in art; I am currently working as an intern for

an accomplished graphic designer and artist to improve my Adobe Suite work. I have continued to

commission paintings for clients as well. For mural design, logo design, paintings, or any other custom

artwork, you can reach me at